Cooling off

Cooling off has already bought products when you don’t even think about it. This is a system established to protect the buyer when it is unavoidable due to the situation of the impression, such as cooling off if it seems that there is no need for the buyer according to the situation Is often not applied. 
Go to the store directly from yourself, but by looking at the magazine. When it is judged that the purchaser has purchased it as chitin such as it is not seen as a situation where it must be protected by the law against the purchaser, so it means that no cooling off is applied.

In the case of mail-order sales, products purchased on the Internet homepage, TV, magazines, advertisements, etc. are purchased by telephone, fax, or e-mail. Such as online shopping, TV shopping, Internet auctions, etc. In the mail order, except for the situation purchased by telephone sales, the cooling-off system is not legally available or does not exist, so the contractor voluntarily performs the cooling off. And respond to returns.

In the case of mail-order sales, when a consumer purchases an item, the advantage of being able to purchase the item without going to the store is treated as a self-responsibility for the risk that the product will not be determined by the hand. So, after the product arrives, I changed my mind or it changed my mind, so I can’t fulfill my wish to return it. Therefore, when purchasing, it is safe to check whether the product can be returned, and when it is possible to return the product.

Each trader can choose whether or not to perform such a return or cooling off to the trader, so there are places that do or do not. Even where cooling-offs and returns are handled, basically the person who purchases and returns the goods often bears shipping costs. In addition, if it is a stage before the product is shipped to a supplier who has not done the cooling off, contact the customer in the situation to cancel the order, or the product has been shipped and the product is in hand. After delivery, if it is in an unused state before opening, contact here to request a return. In that case, if you negotiate by paying the amount of shipping fee, paying a certain amount of cancellation fee, exchanging with other things, etc., you may respond to the return of the item.

If the product you received is different from the one you applied for, it is damaged, there is nothing that should be in it, it is a malfunctioning product that does not work properly, something that is on the advertisement, something that is different from the information If this message is received, it is a problem unrelated to cooling-off, so you can request a return or exchange, charge for repairs, cancel the contract itself, etc. The

If an individual sells his / her belongings at an auction when selling individually in an online auction, he/she will be able to sell various items in a row if he/she does n’t sell it many times. There is no law. Therefore, there is no application of the cooling-off system at that time, and there is no need to display a special contract for returned goods.

However, if you know that you have a certain profit-making purpose, so-called repetitive, continuing auctions, you will be treated as a seller under the Specified Commercial Transaction Law. However, as a seller, it is subject to regulation and labeling obligations arise as a subject. There is also a duty to display the return contract.


Return sales special contract in mail order

Instead of mail-ordering sales having a cooling-off system, it is obliged to describe matters such as the possibility of return such as a special return policy, conditions such as the return period, and the burden of shipping costs. This asks the consumer to recognize and confirm whether or not the product can be returned in advance so that the consumer can check that and then select a product or supplier.

This return policy is not included when a return is possible but is required even if it cannot be returned. If this obligation is not fulfilled, and the return contract is not included in the advertisement, you can return or cancel the contract within 8 days of receiving the goods. Even in that case, the consumer will be responsible for shipping costs. 
This return process is a system close to the cooling-off that allows 8 days of return and is accepted only when the return contract is not described. If the return contract is described, such a cooling-off is performed. I can not do it.

General mail order

In principle, in the description of the return policy, it is basically the description for each product, but even if the return policy is displayed collectively on the page, which is the matter related to returns, it is recommended for consumers. If it is easy to understand, this kind of special return policy is also valid. However, if the link to this return special contract page is difficult to understand, or if the product page contains a description of the return special contract, it is buried in other description items such as the application method and is difficult to understand. It is considered.

Also, if the seller has the idea of ​​accepting an 8-day cooling-off offer, it will be a breach of the Specified Commercial Transactions Law if the return contract is not stated. It is not possible to conduct business without listing.

The purpose of the similar system for mail-order cooling-off is that mail-order sales can basically be handled for return goods close to the cooling-off, but if the contractor fulfills the obligation to display a return contract according to the law, such benefits In that form, the trader is exempt from the cooling-off obligation and the consumer cannot do the cooling-off. 
In addition to such advertisements, online mail-order return contracts are obliged to include a return contract on the final application screen. The return contract is effective only after this advertisement and the final application screen is displayed. Even if it is displayed on either side, Law Chichigami is not recognized as a return contract, so in this case, you can do a return treatment similar to cooling off. The merchant must then accept a cooling-off offer from the consumer within 8 days. In this case, the postage is a consumer burden.

The reason for requesting a return contract on the final application screen on the Internet is not necessarily that the consumer purchases via the top page of the sales site or the advertisement page of the return contract. There is a possibility of oversight. At that time, the return contract will be displayed on the final application screen that the consumer must confirm. Legally, it is not decided to display on the final application screen, but it is considered to be the display to operate the electronic computer that will be the application for the sales contract, so this is considered the final application screen. 
What the final application screen indicates is generally an order confirmation screen displaying the product name, quantity and amount, or the screen page where the application button is pressed at the end. If the page is divided in the application process, the order confirmation screen, name and address entry screen, payment method selection, confirmation screen, and application confirmation button, where the final application screen hits Any page can be considered legally meaningful, so it can be said that even if a return contract is displayed on the first page, it is valid.


Mail order for TV shopping

TV shopping is broadcast as one of the life information programs in which products are introduced in TV programs and purchased by viewers. It is also a form of mail-order that purchases products through specialized programs and channels.

In the program, mail-order dealers, entertainers, and people who provide information for production on TV will appear. They give explanations while actually explaining how to use the products, etc., and introduce the products by telling viewers how to use the products, good points, prices, and other information. When the introduction of the product is over, the phone number and homepage address will be communicated at the application and contact points.

In such a setting where a program called a TV station studio is made, most of the forms are introduced by the performers, but recently it is not a program shooting at a location outside the studio or a single shot There are various productions, such as introducing the recordings taken over a long time on the VTR and introducing them. In addition, the method of introducing multiple products is often used, but in recent years there has also been a method of introducing products with the theme of one product.

In many cases, products made overseas or products made by people from overseas are edited in addition to the video taken in Japan and aired in Japanese. Among these TV mail-order sales, health foods, cosmetics, etc. are the main reasons for not being able to cool off. It is becoming.

TV shopping in Japan was initially a one-minute or two-minute program that was broadcast on VTR as if it were part of a live show in the wide show of the day. After that, it began to be broadcast in the form of a general program and became a program of about 15 minutes to 1 hour. The program itself may be produced by the TV station itself, but some of them were produced by mail order companies.

In order for mail order dealers to create the program, it is common to broadcast by purchasing what is called a filler frame called a program frame or a local sales frame. Broadcasting stations may also be involved in the television shopping business, but on the other hand, mail order companies set up specialized channels for cable TV and satellite broadcasting, and programs for TV shopping on all the time zones of that channel independently. In some cases, it is planned and broadcast on.

The tendency of products sold on TV shopping varies depending on the mail-order vendor, but there are various products such as electrical products, daily necessities, cosmetics, health foods, diet-related products, etc. There are also financial products such as government bonds for individuals.

Each product is regulated in terms of expression, etc. in accordance with the standards for each group and broadcast, and in Article 66 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, the drug is reviewed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. It is because it is stipulated that the effects and effects of things that have not been received are indicated, and even though there is actually no effect, it is effective against illness and can be cured or prevented If you say that you can do it, it will violate the Unfair Premiums and the Unfair Labeling Prevention Law, and you will receive an exclusion order from the Fair Trade Commission.


Radio shopping

In radio shopping, whether a radio shopping program is inserted into a wide program of a private broadcast radio station or an independent program is broadcast. The Cultural Broadcasting Development Center, which is considered a kind of mail-order sales and is an affiliate of Cultural Broadcasting, started in 1973. At the beginning of broadcasting, most of the broadcasting was by radio stations and group companies, but since 2006, advertising revenues in the radio industry have declined, and sponsor mail order is now mainstream.

Sponsor mail-order means that, as an advertisement or commercial, a broadcast frame is purchased and an external mail orderer introduces and sells their products. As for sponsor radio shopping currently broadcast, radio is mainly used. There are AM and FM, but there are Japanese Takakata radio shopping and comfortable life radio shopping, etc., which are sponsored mail order by each. JAPANETA is a major company that sells mail-order through TV and the Internet in addition to radio.

Sponsored mail order at AM can also be found in broadcasting stations such as Prime Shopping, TBS Radio Shopping, Culture Broadcast Radio Shopping, Nippon Broadcasting Radio Living. When it comes to FM, there are “Dream Continent Radio Shopping” broadcast on Fukuoka community broadcasts and “FM Yokohama Radio Shopping” operated entirely by the company.

Radio shopping is characterized by radio shopping performed by the radio station itself and group companies, although the product composition differs depending on the broadcasting station and has its characteristics, it is often performed widely. There are appliances such as personal computers, digital camera humidifiers and air conditioners, fashion related items such as luxury watches and jewelry, food-related items such as beef and fugu sashimi, and other home remodeling related items.

There are also completely self-operated broadcasting and radio shopping arrangements, but the stations that are provided are also TBS Radio, Culture Broadcasting, Nippon Broadcasting, FM Yokohama, STV Radio, RKB Radio, and other radio stations. Most of them are referred to as sponsorship mail order, but among them, there is a strong tendency for home appliances and precision specialty stores like the Japan net Taka mentioned in the previous example, and beauty, health-related products, and household goods such as general merchandise. There are mail order companies that offer them, and each has a unique product lineup. These products may be high-profit products to cover the advertising fee.

As an advantage, compared to TV shopping, the listener side does not look directly, so there are cases where you think that it is different when you pick it up to some extent and often purchases convincingly that the product actually arrives At the time of purchase, there are relatively few troubles such as complaints that are different from the one requested, and the rate of return is also low compared to TV shopping. In addition, radio shopping operators can lower their budget compared to the production cost of TV broadcasting, such as the installation and securing of telephone lines and radio broadcasting booths. Therefore, there are cases where companies that I often hear and small and medium enterprises in local companies also do sponsor mail order.

The disadvantage is that, as long as it is a radio media, unlike TV stations, magazines, and the Internet, you can’t see the product. For this reason, the credibility of sales companies and product manufacturers are strongly required. The broadcaster can explain the product even if the product is not at hand, but the expression tends to be exaggerated. In order to prevent or relieve such a situation, each shop, radio station, etc. uses websites, etc. to provide product photos and information so that customers can place orders.


Advantages and disadvantages of mail order

The advantage of mail-order is that it can be used 24 hours a day. Office workers who are busy every day are limited in places where they are available after work, for example, and sometimes it is difficult to go on occasional holidays. The advantage of being able to purchase products 24 hours a day is a short break.

One of the merits of mail order is the rich variety of products. In modern times, not only mail-order sales of electrical appliances, food, furniture, and fashion but also products such as automobiles and motorcycles can be purchased through mail-order sales. In addition, there are cases where it is sold in a limited amount, but if it is relatively in circulation, you can purchase it without limit.

Another thing is that you can buy it for a cheap price. Basically, it is sold at the same amount as the amount sold at the store, but there is no purchase at each store or transportation costs, and the store is cheap and easy to sell with large purchases. In some cases, there are many cases where you can actually purchase at a lower price than selling at a store.

One of the merits is that it can be said to be the basis of mail-order sales. One. If you don’t have enough time to buy, have passed business hours, or don’t have a store selling the product you want nearby. Mail ordering is convenient because you can buy products and get them while you are at home, such as when you cannot get out of your home because of illness.

The fact that you don’t meet the store clerk can be a benefit for some people. You don’t have to meet people or receive excessive customer service, so you can find and purchase products at your own pace. There are no other personality items such as underwear or clothes that can be purchased easily.

The fact that there are cases with points is often used especially for Internet sales. In addition to personal stores, there are many places that use the point system where there is a comprehensive product lineup, and you can purchase and discount products with points.

One of the disadvantages of mail-order sales is that you have to take this into account when shipping and handling fees are incurred. The actual price of the product is the same as the store, and even if it is lower than that, the fee will be charged.

It may take some time for your product to arrive after you place an order. If you purchase at the store, you can take it home as soon as you get it, but in mail-order sales, in the case of advance payment after purchase, there is time to go to payment or after payment is completed The seller confirms it and finally it will be shipped, so it will take time, or the place where the product is placed will be delivered far from home, across the prefecture or from overseas It takes time.

One of the disadvantages is that you have to consider the reliability of the dealer you purchase. There may be problems such as fraud that is not sent even if you pay the price or cases where completely different products arrive. Basically, if something different is delivered, there are many mistakes on the part of the supplier, so if you think that it is different if you have not opened the box, please contact and replace the product without touching it Speaking is fine. If you touch your lower hand, problems may occur due to further problems.


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