Return sales special contract in mail order

Instead of mail-ordering sales having a cooling-off system, it is obliged to describe matters such as the possibility of return such as a special return policy, conditions such as the return period, and the burden of shipping costs. This asks the consumer to recognize and confirm whether or not the product can be returned in advance […]

Mail order for TV shopping

TV shopping is broadcast as one of the life information programs in which products are introduced in TV programs and purchased by viewers. It is also a form of mail-order that purchases products through specialized programs and channels. In the program, mail-order dealers, entertainers, and people who provide information for production on TV will appear. They give […]

Radio shopping

In radio shopping, whether a radio shopping program is inserted into a wide program of a private broadcast radio station or an independent program is broadcast. The Cultural Broadcasting Development Center, which is considered a kind of mail-order sales and is an affiliate of Cultural Broadcasting, started in 1973. At the beginning of broadcasting, most of the […]

Advantages and disadvantages of mail order

The advantage of mail-order is that it can be used 24 hours a day. Office workers who are busy every day are limited in places where they are available after work, for example, and sometimes it is difficult to go on occasional holidays. The advantage of being able to purchase products 24 hours a day is a […]