Advantages and disadvantages of mail order

The advantage of mail-order is that it can be used 24 hours a day. Office workers who are busy every day are limited in places where they are available after work, for example, and sometimes it is difficult to go on occasional holidays. The advantage of being able to purchase products 24 hours a day is a short break.

One of the merits of mail order is the rich variety of products. In modern times, not only mail-order sales of electrical appliances, food, furniture, and fashion but also products such as automobiles and motorcycles can be purchased through mail-order sales. In addition, there are cases where it is sold in a limited amount, but if it is relatively in circulation, you can purchase it without limit.

Another thing is that you can buy it for a cheap price. Basically, it is sold at the same amount as the amount sold at the store, but there is no purchase at each store or transportation costs, and the store is cheap and easy to sell with large purchases. In some cases, there are many cases where you can actually purchase at a lower price than selling at a store.

One of the merits is that it can be said to be the basis of mail-order sales. One. If you don’t have enough time to buy, have passed business hours, or don’t have a store selling the product you want nearby. Mail ordering is convenient because you can buy products and get them while you are at home, such as when you cannot get out of your home because of illness.

The fact that you don’t meet the store clerk can be a benefit for some people. You don’t have to meet people or receive excessive customer service, so you can find and purchase products at your own pace. There are no other personality items such as underwear or clothes that can be purchased easily.

The fact that there are cases with points is often used especially for Internet sales. In addition to personal stores, there are many places that use the point system where there is a comprehensive product lineup, and you can purchase and discount products with points.

One of the disadvantages of mail-order sales is that you have to take this into account when shipping and handling fees are incurred. The actual price of the product is the same as the store, and even if it is lower than that, the fee will be charged.

It may take some time for your product to arrive after you place an order. If you purchase at the store, you can take it home as soon as you get it, but in mail-order sales, in the case of advance payment after purchase, there is time to go to payment or after payment is completed The seller confirms it and finally it will be shipped, so it will take time, or the place where the product is placed will be delivered far from home, across the prefecture or from overseas It takes time.

One of the disadvantages is that you have to consider the reliability of the dealer you purchase. There may be problems such as fraud that is not sent even if you pay the price or cases where completely different products arrive. Basically, if something different is delivered, there are many mistakes on the part of the supplier, so if you think that it is different if you have not opened the box, please contact and replace the product without touching it Speaking is fine. If you touch your lower hand, problems may occur due to further problems.

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