Radio shopping

In radio shopping, whether a radio shopping program is inserted into a wide program of a private broadcast radio station or an independent program is broadcast. The Cultural Broadcasting Development Center, which is considered a kind of mail-order sales and is an affiliate of Cultural Broadcasting, started in 1973. At the beginning of broadcasting, most of the broadcasting was by radio stations and group companies, but since 2006, advertising revenues in the radio industry have declined, and sponsor mail order is now mainstream.

Sponsor mail-order means that, as an advertisement or commercial, a broadcast frame is purchased and an external mail orderer introduces and sells their products. As for sponsor radio shopping currently broadcast, radio is mainly used. There are AM and FM, but there are Japanese Takakata radio shopping and comfortable life radio shopping, etc., which are sponsored mail order by each. JAPANETA is a major company that sells mail-order through TV and the Internet in addition to radio.

Sponsored mail order at AM can also be found in broadcasting stations such as Prime Shopping, TBS Radio Shopping, Culture Broadcast Radio Shopping, Nippon Broadcasting Radio Living. When it comes to FM, there are “Dream Continent Radio Shopping” broadcast on Fukuoka community broadcasts and “FM Yokohama Radio Shopping” operated entirely by the company.

Radio shopping is characterized by radio shopping performed by the radio station itself and group companies, although the product composition differs depending on the broadcasting station and has its characteristics, it is often performed widely. There are appliances such as personal computers, digital camera humidifiers and air conditioners, fashion related items such as luxury watches and jewelry, food-related items such as beef and fugu sashimi, and other home remodeling related items.

There are also completely self-operated broadcasting and radio shopping arrangements, but the stations that are provided are also TBS Radio, Culture Broadcasting, Nippon Broadcasting, FM Yokohama, STV Radio, RKB Radio, and other radio stations. Most of them are referred to as sponsorship mail order, but among them, there is a strong tendency for home appliances and precision specialty stores like the Japan net Taka mentioned in the previous example, and beauty, health-related products, and household goods such as general merchandise. There are mail order companies that offer them, and each has a unique product lineup. These products may be high-profit products to cover the advertising fee.

As an advantage, compared to TV shopping, the listener side does not look directly, so there are cases where you think that it is different when you pick it up to some extent and often purchases convincingly that the product actually arrives At the time of purchase, there are relatively few troubles such as complaints that are different from the one requested, and the rate of return is also low compared to TV shopping. In addition, radio shopping operators can lower their budget compared to the production cost of TV broadcasting, such as the installation and securing of telephone lines and radio broadcasting booths. Therefore, there are cases where companies that I often hear and small and medium enterprises in local companies also do sponsor mail order.

The disadvantage is that, as long as it is a radio media, unlike TV stations, magazines, and the Internet, you can’t see the product. For this reason, the credibility of sales companies and product manufacturers are strongly required. The broadcaster can explain the product even if the product is not at hand, but the expression tends to be exaggerated. In order to prevent or relieve such a situation, each shop, radio station, etc. uses websites, etc. to provide product photos and information so that customers can place orders.

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