Creative ways to increase iOS ratings

Importance of rating

The iOS app rating is a indicator of the quality of your app. If people are looking for an app, they can see the product rating and read user feedback afterwards. App ratings also show the position of your app in the App Chart. Apps in top spot on the chart have good ratings for the app. It increases their exposure and therefore you get app installs. Simply put, the better your app rating, the more visibility you get, the more downloads your app can produce. Reviews have a more significant role to play. Users are going through the consumer reviews before using an app. This can be seen as a method of building confidence. If the user reviews are strong, people will probably try your app, which can lead to better conversions of users.

Why buying app ratings are important? 

Simply stating the truth, nobody wants to write long reviews and rate your app if you don’t ask them. And it also gets complicated in other situations. It’s already mentioned the importance of user feedback and ratings and it’s obvious that they play an significant role in your road to success. In such a situation, user reviews and ratings are ideal to buy.

How to buy ratings?  

There are variety of tricks that you can use to improve your app rating in 2018. Let’s take a look at some of the methods. 

The first step is ensuring a good quality of app. Ensure that your app stands out in the competition in terms of features. There are millions of apps in the App Store. What makes your app unique? Make sure that your app is unique and has features that other can never think of offering. Work on your app design. Make sure that the User Interface of your app is good as well as the app icon. However minor these things might sound, these factors play a vital role on your app’s performance. People want an app which is easy to use and looks exceptionally good. Unless you ensure these things, you can never expect to get good ratings for your app. 

In case you are looking for buy iOS app reviews or ratings: Here they are. 

  • Freelancing: To get more ratings on their app, Developers are hiring freelancers to provide good rating and to write good reviews for their app. This is one of the easiest way of getting more ratings and this is the reason for this process to be trending in 2018. 
  • Management Firms: Like last year, Management firms are again a subject of interest when we talk about getting more ratings for an app. These firms prepare specific marketing and advertising strategies for developers, which looks after all of their app advertising interests. 
  • Web services: Some websites like and many others allow developers to get more ratings through a customized plan. This method has been the talk of 2017 and this year too, this process will be many new comers to try this out. 

Be careful while you use any of these methods. Many websites and marketing firms use bots for providing reviews. These bots if detected by iOS App Store will lead to removal of your app from the iOS App Store.

Author: planetwise