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TV shopping is broadcast as one of the life information programs in which products are introduced in TV programs and purchased by viewers. It is also a form of mail-order that purchases products through specialized programs and channels.

In the program, mail-order dealers, entertainers, and people who provide information for production on TV will appear. They give explanations while actually explaining how to use the products, etc., and introduce the products by telling viewers how to use the products, good points, prices, and other information. When the introduction of the product is over, the phone number and homepage address will be communicated at the application and contact points.

In such a setting where a program called a TV station studio is made, most of the forms are introduced by the performers, but recently it is not a program shooting at a location outside the studio or a single shot There are various productions, such as introducing the recordings taken over a long time on the VTR and introducing them. In addition, the method of introducing multiple products is often used, but in recent years there has also been a method of introducing products with the theme of one product.

In many cases, products made overseas or products made by people from overseas are edited in addition to the video taken in Japan and aired in Japanese. Among these TV mail-order sales, health foods, cosmetics, etc. are the main reasons for not being able to cool off. It is becoming.

TV shopping in Japan was initially a one-minute or two-minute program that was broadcast on VTR as if it were part of a live show in the wide show of the day. After that, it began to be broadcast in the form of a general program and became a program of about 15 minutes to 1 hour. The program itself may be produced by the TV station itself, but some of them were produced by mail order companies.

In order for mail order dealers to create the program, it is common to broadcast by purchasing what is called a filler frame called a program frame or a local sales frame. Broadcasting stations may also be involved in the television shopping business, but on the other hand, mail order companies set up specialized channels for cable TV and satellite broadcasting, and programs for TV shopping on all the time zones of that channel independently. In some cases, it is planned and broadcast on.

The tendency of products sold on TV shopping varies depending on the mail-order vendor, but there are various products such as electrical products, daily necessities, cosmetics, health foods, diet-related products, etc. There are also financial products such as government bonds for individuals.

Each product is regulated in terms of expression, etc. in accordance with the standards for each group and broadcast, and in Article 66 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, the drug is reviewed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. It is because it is stipulated that the effects and effects of things that have not been received are indicated, and even though there is actually no effect, it is effective against illness and can be cured or prevented If you say that you can do it, it will violate the Unfair Premiums and the Unfair Labeling Prevention Law, and you will receive an exclusion order from the Fair Trade Commission.

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