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Buying app downloads make your app famous, popular and well accepted in the android app market. By buying Android app installs you get professional App Marketing services to maintain app’s status and fame. Buying app downloads is considered as one of most efficient and effective method which developers and app marketers take as a shortcut to increase prestige and success of app.


Android app downloads are indeed necessity, most of the developers believes apps with the greater number of downloads would attract and tempt more customers. When you buy app downloads you increase traffic for your app. If an app acquires more than 10000 downloads it is deemed as useful and efficient. If an app posses less downloads it’s quite unimpressive, potential users without giving any attention to the app, they will shift to look for alternatives. So it’s very very necessary to hold sufficient or more no. of downloads. 

Improve ranks

Android app no. of downloads affect ranking very much. Google takes no. of downloads, ratings and reviews into calculations while doing ranking algorithms. Without superb downloads you can’t come at top featured list which is dream of every developer since publishing of an app. see, it’s actually a very long journey but without wasting time if you buy adequate real installs the journey would not be very long and difficult instaed it will be quite easy because installs don’t come alone it will bring positive reviews and ratings also and your way to top rankings is all clear.

Importance of buying installs –

  • It improves visibility adequately in Google play store which features millions of apps with no. of rivals that increases every day and visibility plays very important role because customers only download when they know they are downloading quality app which is already very famous and useful too.
  • Need for effective Android app promotion strategy that is proven to work
  • Buying downloads increase the chances of climbing on Top rankings as soon as possible
  • With number of downloads it increases simultaneously ratings and reviews and also increases organic downloads, reviews are very important part of visibility too and are considered while ranking algorithms, reviews make a man 100% sure about app’s reliability. So to have more downloads means more of reviews (positive, influencing) and 4/5star ratings. 
  • There are many companies out there in the market which offers services like installs buying with very reasonable price, it promotes app to the best.
  • Buying downloads is not a difficult or time taking job instead it is very less time consuming task which rely on app marketers skills as he has to just find a good, trustworthy company and make a deal precisely defining how many no. of installs he wants and only have to pay sum. Positive changes with money saving and minimum efforts as you can focus your mind on other important aspects
  • Buying installs works very fast it brings more of organic installs in a very short time and in this way reputation also builds. Building goodwill for developer as this process makes app and developer popular like Mark Zukerberg launched facebook so in future whatever app he will launch it will itself become popular in no time just because of name of developer.
  • Investment will reap benefits only when you are confident with your app features and you yourself like it. Buying installs will only work when your app features are really amazing and unique because people download the app, try it but if they don’t like they will certainly rate it poor or average as well as shower degraded reviews, so make sure before investing that your app must also be challenging, this is the most important aspect before launching an app. you may get good paid reviews and rate but if you want to hold your audience for long time your app features and functions must be marvellous , smooth, pleasant and enjoyable. 
  • Improve android app rank. It improves android app rank as are always seen first, if the ranking is below then people absolutely will shift to the top ranked application and prefer that.

From where not to buy installs

  • Those who offer fake installs, fake installs are not last long and are easily detected by Google after which what happens every person know + it decreases goodwill of app
  • Those who download the app but don’t install. Since not only installation is important but using the app is also very important so ensure buying installs from trustworthy company who really assures and promises to install and use app for one or more time as they like and hold app for more than a week at least. It also gives users an opportunity to explore more and get to know more of app features and functions. 

From where can you buy installs-?

1. CPIMobi

They are rewarded with 5ratings and are highly recommended for the promotion of app through buys, they provide service like reward offer walls, campaign creation, traffic sources, analytics, advanced targeting. On Cpi basis 0.09$ per install. They provide 0.06$ Cpi offer for premium package purchase.

2. Keenmobi

Starter package starts with 99$ 1000 app install, advance package 299$ 5000installs, pro package 10000 app installs with real people and and full installations report. Provides good promotional services such as ratings, reviews, installs, ASO for both iOS and android apps.

3. Appreviews

. App reviews is one platform which is perfect question to your answer because you can buy installs, reviews and ratings, it provides all necessary services which is really helpful to enhance the visibility of your app  .It is also in four categories like starter, essential, advanced, basic. Starter for 500Android installs, essential for 1000Android Installs, basic for 5000Andropid installs, advanced for 10000installs.

4.1994online –

They provide work with satisfactory results. They have 3parts of pricelist. Basic, popular, premier. 99$ 35reviews 200installs- basic, 199$ 75 reviews 300installs –popular, 399$ 150reviews 500installs- premier and with increasing range in same basic, popular, premier with increased price and installs and reviews. They have worldwide users, and provide comprehensive reports, 24/7 customer support. They provide service of buying installs, reviews and ratings.

5. Rankapp

This has a large no. of users, the it guarantees that all the installs are naturally 100% from real users; they support multiple countries, install type you can choose. It maximizes your ROI.

6. Myappranker

Myappranker is one of the leading providers of premium quality iOS and Android Installs since 2014. They help you in getting thousands of guaranteed installs so that you can achieve major popularity and top chart Rankings for your apps as well as games. They have 154 partner agencies, 14280 happy clients. Through this you can boost your app visibility downloads, rankings to attract loyal organic users.

7. Social king

High retention guaranteed. 100% real installs, their starting price is $15.49 rs.1099. Social king offers a pay per install based app promotion system to drive installs of app. This increases your reach to new users and grows your business 2times. You can buy Android App installs from them, Android App reviews.

8. Promo

They provide many services like ratings, installs, reviews available in different packages. You can get as many high retention installs to collect fame for your app 0.07$ per install. Packages are also divided in 23$ installs 20ratings mini, 50$ 650installs 70 ratings basic, 80$ 1000installs 100 ratings starter, 200$ 2500installs 250ratings pro, 340$ 4000installs 500 ratings premium, 500$ 5000installs 500 ratings ultimate and 0.11$ per 5 star ratings, 0.15$ per review.

Author: planetwise