How To Restore Buying App Reviews

I started this at the beginning of the year and immediately upgraded to the pro option because I knew I didn’t have the same access to one device morning thru evening. This app for me is perfect and far better than Day paid reviews for apps One with the monthly subscription for iCloud sync. This app offers a one time payment for the same features. It reminds you twice a day to journal and is very clutter free and easy to use. It helps me think better and I know it’s something I am going to be using for a very long time.

I love this app and the fact that it backs-up to Dropbox. I’ve updated my devices and am able to download previous journal entries with no issues! I am a therapist and recommend this app to all of my clients to encourage them to start journaling. My only request is that you add the ability to do a phrase search. I love the keyword search function but sometimes need to search for more than on word and that’s where it gets complicated. I have tried using quotations or parenthesis with no luck. Please consider adding this to a future upgrade! Thanks for a great app that I use every day!

The top notch (in landscape mode on the iPhone XS) gets in the way of the entry title and body text. Which means I have to rotate to portrait mode. I usually write with a Bluetooth keyboard, and I prefer to write in landscape mode buy app ratings .

Other than that, this is a daily writer for me and I enjoy using it over the many other apps that I have tried.**Update**The top notch doesn’t interfere *as much* if you rotate your phone 180 degrees.I have used Diaro for several years now. It is, hands down, the best journal I have ever used. Being able to use multiple folders and keep a work journal vs a personal journal is fantastic. I have never had a glitch or complaint.

I also really like the feature to print which has become a useful tool for me as I input my deceased fathers journals.If I could ask for any improvement, it would be to have additional storage options outside of Dropbox. Allowing the user to save to Google Drive, or One Drive, etc. would be better for those who consider using this product but don’t want to obtain yet another storage buy app installs online.

Wonderful work Diaro employees. Keep dazzling us!I’ve had Diaro for 2.5 years now and I must say it’s my favorite journal app ever. It’s packed with features in a UI that’s very easy to use. I use Diaro on my iPhone, iPad, and My Windows PC and it syncs fast and flawlessly.You can can change the color of the interface which is a fun feature! As for your entries, you can create/select different folders, tags… and you can add moods, locations, and photos. It shows your character count and word count if you’re the type with a 1,000 a day word goal or participating in National Novel Writing Month.

Author: planetwise